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As soon as you give birth your body starts making prolactin.  Prolactin is what tells your body to fill the breasts each time you feed your baby.  With each top essay writing review breastfeed, the prolactin levels increase, but levels drop if breastfeeding is not frequent enough.  It is important to keep high prolactin levels to keep your supply up.

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Oxytocin, this hormone is what gives you that twitchy, tight, clenching feeling in your boobs. It causes your let down.  Oxytocin is triggered by the edubirdie.com reviews lengthening of the nipple as baby sucks and pulls the nipple toward the back of the mouth.  This is very important to know because a baby with a shallow latch isn't able to truly lengthen the nipple as they suck to trigger let down.  They may still be getting some milk but not a full let down and emptying the breasts.

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